You crunch the data. We'll connect you to it.

M2M connections for the things in your IoT network.

Always Two steps ahead.

Data connections to predict, prevent, and reduce operational inefficiencies.

Data connections everywhere you need to be.

Remote data logging, fleet management, eHealth, and more.


Implementing strong solutions is what we do. Discover how TrygTech’s complete IoT Solutions can transform your business when our expertise combine.


Creating secure, reliable connections for the devices in your IoT network. TrygTech engineers evaluate the best communication strategy for your unique business scenario.


Robust devices begin with strong foundations. TrygTech engineers propose and design driver and operating system elements targeted to your solution’s resource constraints and performance requirements.


Building, testing, creating.

Quality assured with remote mobile inspection application.

Retail recognition technology that makes every customer a regular.

Case Studies

Discover how TrygTech implements, connects, and optimizes IoT solutions for customers across industries and applications.

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