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TrygTech provides customers with expert software engineers and highly-qualified staff to create effective solutions that move the ball forward. Our goal isn’t to simply design software, but to develop strategies that help propel our customers to the forefront of their industry.

Our Solutions Are


We understand the scope of a project can be difficult to define. We offer the flexibility to provide support for ongoing projects or a quick fix to point you in the right direction.


If it’s important to you, it’s important to us. Whether that is a sophisticated UI or a power-restricted, wireless device, our solutions are customized to solve your unique challenge.


It’s the little things that make a difference and set companies apart. That’s why our engineers specialize in making the little things work at the most technical bare metal level.

Two Ways to Engage

Unlimited possibilities delivered.

1). Consult

For the difficult design challenges, we offer turnkey consulting services specializing in complex embedded systems. Our senior software engineers guide you through the design process and provide the technical expertise to evaluate and propose the optimal strategy for your unique solution requirements.

Kernel & Driver Development

Machine-to-Machine Communication Protocols

Internet of Things Strategy & Implemention

2). Staff

For the projects where you need to quickly ramp-up and the flexibility to scale down, our Staffing Services provide a full-range of core infrastructure and engineering resources to help push your project initiatives forward. Staffing Services offer companies the autonomy to manage day-to-day activity and focus on project objectives without sacrificing time or resources on the recruiting process and administrative overhead.

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