TrygTech Inspect


TrygTech Inspect provides a comprehensive solution for capturing remote data using a mobile device. TrygTech Inspect can be applied to numerous applications including:

Fire Safety Inspections

Home Inspections

How it works

The TrygTech Inspect software resides on any iOS, Android or Windows device. The application seamlessly connects with remote servers to access user-selected information and store the data gathered. Results are uploaded to the cloud, making instant reports. Streamlined reporting saves time and allows users to track repairs and trend data.


Monitor defect tracking with web server management pages.

Manage and maintain inspection questions at the central location of the web server.

Export report data to spreadsheet software, PDF, or integrated third party systems.


Centrally managed questions ensures each inspector receives the same inspection data, improving consistency and report quality.

Transcribed errors are eradicated as the raw field data is used to generate reports.

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