Staffing Services

On-Demand Staff

For high-demand projects.

TrygTech partners with companies to provide top-notch resources for their core infrastructure or engineering projects. There are many challenges to a project’s success. Finding staff should not be one of them. Our supplemental staffing services offer talented resources to help execute and achieve your project goals.

We Promise

Dedication to compliance, company culture, and customer service.

Talented resources with the track record to prove it.

Control, flexibility, and peace of mind.

Our Story

We maintain small business values focused on building relationships. We believe investing in people creates a collaborative, productive environment where both customers and resources are satisfied.

Happy Employees

Positive company culture

Retirement account

Holiday and PTO

Employer-paid benefits

Satisfied Customers

Flexible engagement models

High standards for compliance

Competitive pricing

Proactive customer service

The Benefits

We sweat the small stuff so you can take care of business.

What we do...

Recruit, vet, and hire exceptional resources, and maintain comprehensive resource network.

Manage administrative overhead

  • Holidays & PTO
  • Payroll
  • Benefits

Proven project success demonstrated in case studies and work samples.

So you can...

Simplify hiring and training process allowing projects to be scaled faster and more cost effectively.

Focus on project objectives

  • Mange day-to-day
  • Add/remove resources as project evolves

Incorporate outside expertise to give project refreshed prospective.

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